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Biorepositories are increasingly important resources for furthering scientific research and knowledge. The Lyme Disease Biobank is a collection of human biological samples to facilitate research in the field of Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.

Lyme Disease Biobank

This multiyear initiative launched in 2014 with a pilot study in an endemic area, collecting whole blood and serum samples from individuals with suspected acute Lyme disease and unaffected individuals (controls). Through five seasons of collection, >500 participants have been enrolled at sites on the East Coast, Upper Midwest, and Bay Area California. Detailed clinical information and testing data are collected to better characterize the samples. Each participant’s donation provides samples for ~50 research projects, with aliquots of whole blood (1 or 2 ml), serum (250 μl), and urine (1 ml). Several larger aliquots (5 ml) are also available.

The biobank is accepting applications for samples.

Currently, there are 2 sample collections available to investigators:

  • Samples (~425) collected between 2014-2017 are available through an application process with peer-review. Investigators can customize their application with the number and categories of samples, and samples are provided in a blinded fashion.
  • An unblinded discovery panel of 5 acute laboratory confirmed Lyme disease and 7 matched endemic controls is also available. This panel is well suited for projects early in development that have not yet tested in human samples or are not ready for blinded samples.

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This initiative, sponsored by Bay Area Lyme Foundation, will be expanded to include additional patient and sample types, and collection sites in endemic regions. Through the availability of samples with well-characterized clinical information, investigators will have new tools to advance the study of Lyme disease and other other tick-borne infections. Currently 16 investigators have been approved to receive blinded samples, and 8 investigators have been approved to receive the unblinded panel.


For more information, please contact Liz Horn, PhD, MBI, Principal Investigator, at  info@lymebiobank.org.